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Use Your Computer Call Your Friends Around The World For Free

Evaphone is a VoIP server that offers PC to phone international calling for free. This free offer is limited calling time that depends on where you call, and you need use browser with flash player 9.0 or high. It is very easy to make calling, go to its main page, dial number that you wanted call. Before connect calling through you need watch an ads.

The best thing is you do not need setup any software, even you do not need register if you want try free calling. Of course, it also offers paid calling with reasonable fee. Paid user need register.

Evaphone是一个VoIP服务商,它提供免费用电脑拨打电话到普通电话上的服务。这个免费服务当然有时间的限制,这取决于你要拨打的地方。你需要在浏览器上安装flash player 9.0或更高版本。这非常简单,只要到它的主页上,在模拟电话上拨号即可。在接通双方之前它会播放一个广告。


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