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What Sites I Stoped This Week

RSS Mixer - a RSS service that allows you to mix multiple feeds into one.

Red Karaoke - a social network for Karaoke lovers, you can upload or record your karaoke song.

Weblin - based on Germany that service helps you meet friends and chatting while you surfing online. You need download a client.

Drpic - another online photo editor with some different effects.

Whole Travel - a site that you can discover trip somewhere, gives you some travel information.

RSS Mixer - 一个RSS服务,可以让你将多个feeds结合成一个。

Red Karaoke - 一个专为卡拉OK迷们设计的社会性网络网站,你可以上传或者录制自己的卡拉OK歌曲。

Weblin - 位于德国的网站,它帮助你在浏览网站的时候交朋友聊天,你需要下载一个客户端。

Drpic - 另一个在线图片编辑网站,有不少特效。

Whole Travel - 一个旅行网站,你可以发现一些地区的旅行信息。

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