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Copy And Paste Lovely Characters

Sometimes we need type special characters if you want make reader fun, like ☜, ☼, ☂, ☺, or some currency characters £, ¥, €. How can you type these characters by your keyboard? Actually, I do not know. But you can copy and paste them from other people who posted on a webpage.

Copy Paste Character puts them together on one page, so you can copy and paste to your compose page. It is nice and useful. You do not need remember every single character, just bookmark Copy Paste Character, you can copy them if you needed anytime.

有时候我们需要输入一些特别的符号,这样可以使得读者觉得轻松,如☜, ☼, ☂, ☺,或者需要输入一些不同货币符号,如£, ¥, €。如何用键盘输入这些特殊的符号?坦白地说我不知道。但是你可以从网络上别人的网页拷贝和粘贴下来。

Copy Paste Character将这些符号放在一个网页上,你可以拷贝和粘贴到你自己的地方。它看上去很可爱而且实用。你并不需要记住如何输入他们,只要将Copy Paste Character放入书签,在需要的时候到该网站上拷贝即可。

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