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Send Video Mail Online

Free Gabmail is a free online service that allows you send video mail. You do not need download any software but you need a webcam and microphone, required registered account, an Adobe flash playe.

Actually, it is an online video recorder, so you need turn on you webcam and ready to record your video. It offers recording up to 5 minutes, after done you can preview it and send. It works with all email clients Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Outlook.

I did not try this service, I do not know where receiver can watch it, I guess it only offers a link that take you to Free Gabmail and watch. That means your video store in its server. I think it is cool but safe.

Free Gabmail是一个在线的免费服务网站,它可以让你发送视频邮件。你并不需要下载任何软件,唯一需要的是一个视频探头和麦克风。当然还需要注册一个账户和安装Adobe flash播放器。

事实上,它是一个视频录制器,你需要将视频探头打开,准备录制视频。它提供的录制时间为5分钟,之后你可以预览和发送。它可以配合所有的电子邮件服务器,包括Gmail,Yahoo Mail,Hotmail ,Thunderbird ,Outlook。


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