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Pandora TV, A Based On Korea Video Site

We like Youtube but it does not mean we reject other video sites. Actually, we have a lot's of choice if we think one is sucks. For non-English users who have own language video sites. Pandora TV is a Korean video site that is very popular in Korea. Now it became an international video site, and it supports 4 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese).

As other video site, Pandora TV has different channels, you can upload video without any limitation, and upload up to 5 videos same time. A good point is it also supports high definition video, but when I tech HD channel it was very slow, and it also required download a software that called Video Streamer. This is a p2p player, I have never hear it before I browse Pandora TV. Another channel is Live channel that also required download another player that called Live Player. I check its download subject it has several players, I have no idea why it can not make an all in one player?

我们大家都喜欢Youtube,但这并不意味着我们会排斥别的视频网站。事实上我们有很多选择,当我们对一个视频网站不太满意的话可以转到别的网站。对非英语的用户来说,他们有自己熟悉语言的视频网站。Pandora TV是一个韩国视频网站,它在韩国非常受欢迎。现在,它已经转为一个国际视频网站,支持4种语言(包括中文、英文、日文和韩文)。

与其他的视频网站一样,Pandora TV也有一些不同的频道,你可以无限制地上传视频,同时上传达5个视频。有一个特点比较不错,它支持高清晰视频,但是在我测试该网站时它的速度非常慢,而且需要下载一个软件,这个称谓Video Streamer的播放器是一个点对点软件。在我浏览这个网站前还从来也没有听说过这个播放器。还有一个频道是现场频道,同样它要求下载另一个叫做Live Player的播放器。我检查了它的下载区,里面有一些播放器。我不知道它为何不能把这些播放器合并成一个播放器?

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