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Web Links 11/22/08

Split Browser - a Firefox add-on that allows you split Firefox browsers as you like. Good for comparing between different websites.

Bookr - a tool that helps you create a photo book via Flickr images. Only for users who have account of Flickr.

Slidestory - lets you combine sharing pictures and narration providing a new way to make presentations.

Awesome Highlighter - a web server that lets you highlight text on any web pages, and it gives you a small link to the highlighted page.

Split Browser - 一个Firefox浏览器的添加件,可轻松分割Firefox浏览器窗口。

Bookr - 一个工具可以让你用Flickr图片来制作图片书籍。需要有Flickr账户。

Slidestory - 让你结合图片和描述来制作现场解说文件。

Awesome Highlighter - 一个网络服务网站,可以让你在任何网站上高亮重点文字,并给你一个短网址来保存高亮的网页。

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