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Searching While You Typing

Keyboardr is a new website that gives you a new way to search something. An interesting point is it displays search results at once while you typing, it is not Google Suggest, it is a key word search that is it searched by you type a key. For example, if you want search "cnn", when you type first "c" it displays first results.

This search site based on Google Search, and also mush up Wikipedia and Youtube. So its results are from these sites. It is really cool feature.

You can see these pictures and a video.

Keyboardr是一个新网站,它给你一个新方法来进行搜索。有一个不错的特点是当你输入一个字的时候它马上就会显示搜索结果,也就是说你并不需要输入一个完整的词。它不是Google Suggest,它是一个字搜索,只要输入一个字母就会显示搜索结果。如搜索“cnn”,当你输入第一个“c”时它会显示其第一个结果。



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