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A Music Application

Dizzler is a free application that can search and play video, music, radio, game online or on desktop. It is a player, and also a search engine. It is a good point is you can search media from many social network websites, like Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, and so on.

If you like you can download Dizzler into your computer, and you can use it search and listen music, play game, and watch video on your computer's desktop. It also offers a code of player that allows you embed on your blog or website.

Take look it below, you can click play it.

Dizzler是一个免费的程式它可以让你在电脑桌面、移动电话,或者在线搜索、播放音乐、观看视频、玩游戏。这是一个播放器,而且是一个搜索引擎。有一个不错的特点是你可以用它来搜索很多社会性网络网站上的音乐、视频,如Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Multiply等等。


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