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Simple Search, Simple Play

I do not know if you like music, I think most people like it, that is why MP3 player always popular. If you use internet you can find any kind of music, because you can find many music site, online radio, and MP3 download. The most simple way is music search engine.

Songerize is a simple music search and play site, it based on SeeqPod search engine, but it is much simple. It only has two bars, one is for artist, another is for song name, you can fill any one, click click "Play Song" button it will play it at once. Sometimes we do not need too difficult steps to play music.


Songerize是一个简单的音乐搜索和播放网站,它基于SeeqPod搜索引擎,但比它要简单的多。它只有两个搜索栏,一个是歌手名,另一个是歌名。输入任何一个,点击"Play Song"按钮就可以马上播放音乐。有时候收听音乐并不需要太复杂。

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