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Send Your Flower Card To Frineds

I do not like holiday that cause I always forget send my family and friends some holiday card. I also do not like send e-card, some website just grab your email address and sell it to other partners, you will get a lot spam late. But Flower2mail seems a little bit different.

Flower2mail is a fun mail service that allows you send flower card to your friends anytime, if you like you make a sending schedule. It is really simple, just pick something you liked flower, vase, fill you message and email address, click send button, that is all you need to do.

It based on flash player, so you need have flash player you can play it. After your friend got email he can click a link, it takes to its site to view. Everything is basic but a little bit fun.



它基于flash player,所以你需要有flash player才能使用这个服务。在你的朋友收到邮件后,可以点击一个链接,它会带到这个网站上查看。非常简单,但还是比较有趣。

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