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Web Links 11/09/08

Wolpy - a web service that allows you track your travel with Google Maps.
Hihera - create your own forum for free.
All National Anthems - a website that collects national anthems around the world, you can listen them after you click a flag on Google Maps.
Xsketch - a multiplayer word sketch game, based on flash player.
Your Old Pic - a site makes your picture become an old one.
- a tool that helps you quickly and securely send small snippets of data around the web.

Wolpy - 一个网站可以让你用Google Maps追踪你的旅行。
Hihera - 创建你自己的免费论坛。
All National Anthems - 一个收集世界各国国歌的网站,点击Google Maps上的一个小旗可收听其国歌。
Xsketch - 一个基于flash的图画游戏网站。
Your Old Pic - 它可以将你的照片变成一个老照片。
- 一个可以帮助你快速发送一些小信息板的工具。

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