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Top 10 Countries Of Censor Internet

I had read an article from Dailybits that talk about Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web. The list I am not surprised about most counties which on this list, but something I was still think about. I think internet has two sides, one is good, another one is bad. Everything depends on what you use for.

I did not do research this subject, just copy the list below:

10. Pakistan
9. Burma
8. Yemen
7. North Korea
6. Syria
5. Cuba
4. United Arab Emirates
3. Saudi Arabia
2. Iran
1. China

That made me a surprise, I know China block some websites but I have never think about it on number one. I hope this list will not bother some Chinese readers who read this blog. Another point is another country did not on list but almost, maybe next report it will be on. That is Australia, this country want try to censor websites inside its borders. Do you believe that?

If you are interesting about this subject you can read its original blog, it talks about the reason of internet censor in these countries, and condition now.

我从Dailybits那里读到一片文章Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web,说的是关于世界上十大实行网络封锁的国家。我对列表上的大部分国家都不惊讶,但有些部分还是让我觉得吃惊。网络有它的两面性,好的、坏的,就看你如何运用。


10. 巴基斯坦
9. 缅甸
8. 也门
7. 北朝鲜
6. 叙利亚
5. 古巴
4. 阿联酋
3. 沙特
2. 伊朗
1. 中国



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