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Embed Photos On Desktop Screen

I know many people like decorate their monitor screen with wallpaper. Yes, we can use some ways to do that, like wallpaper, screen saver, some gadgets. But wallpaper only has one image you can setup except use software make some slide photo like a video. If you want put some still photos on your screen maybe you need see this free software.

Desk Takeover is a desktop software that allows you easily to customize desktop by embedding photos anywhere on your screen. Its main feature included drag photos onto screen without edited, embed photos from computer, web server, and webcam.

You can download from Desk Takeover website.


Desk Takeover是一个桌面软件,它可以让你简单地使用自定义粘贴任何图片到桌面上。它的主要特点包括拖拉图片到桌面而不需要编辑,不但可以粘贴电脑中的图片,也可以粘贴网络服务器上的图片和网络探头。

你可以在Desk Takeover主站上下载该软件。

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