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Web Links 12/16/08

Webvaluer - is the place to evaluate the worth of any website.

Daily Mug Shot - is a free service which helps you chronicle daily images of yourself and share them as an animated sequence.

Dooblet - find alternatives to any concept that interests you in a concise manner.

Voxox - an online messenger client that has Voip phone call any inland phone with cheap fee, and combines other instant messengers.

Torrentpump - easy to search torrent download files.

Webvaluer - 查看任何网站的价值。

Daily Mug Shot - 一个免费服务,它可帮助你录制每天的图片,并用动画图片在网站上分享。
Dooblet - 发现可以取代任何你感兴趣的东西。

Voxox - 一个在线通讯客户端,它可利用网络电话来打任何普通电话,而且价格合理。它整合了其他的在线通讯客户端。

Torrentpump - 可简单发现变态下载文件的搜索器。

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