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Free Register License Of Computer Monitor Software

PC Pandora is a computer monitoring software that records all activity on a computer. What it can do? Record text based files, including instant messenger chats, emails sent and received, websites visited, peer-2-peer files shared, keystrokes logged, programs accessed, Internet search queries and more. Why we need this kind of software? It is good for parents who want monitor what kinds doing on internet; Boss wants monitor employee's behaviours in company. PC Pandora is a commercial software, it costs $70.

Recently, PC Pandora launches a promotion for software. You have chance to get it for free between December 25 to 31. Just follow these steps below.

Go to this Promotion Page, fill your email and name, click "submit" button.

You will get an email that contains a register code for PC Pandora, and some steps for download link, install steps notes.

After download software you can use that register code to active it.

PC Pandora是一个电脑监视软件,它可以记录所有电脑上的举动。它能做什么?纪录基于文字文件,包括即时通讯聊天软件、电子邮件的收发、访问的网站、点对点分享、键盘纪录日志、软件的使用、网站搜索等等。为什么我们要使用这种软件?可以让家长用来监控孩子的网络活动;公司老板监视雇员在公司的电脑活动。PC Pandora是一个商业软件,价值70美元。

最近,PC Pandora开始一个产品宣传活动。又有机会免费得到这个软件,时间在12月25日到31日。只要简单几步就可以完成。




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