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Send Lager Files With Podmailing

Podmailing is a kind of p2p client that allows you send and receive big file via BitTorrent style and by an email interface. Of course, you need install a software from Podmailing. You can send unlimited size file with an email compose interface, almost same, very simple.

You can fill several receiver's email address, pick up a file or a fold, compose a brief note let receiver know that is you. You can choose sharing way: by email or web. When receiver can download, and how long that file keeping. After that just click "send your podmail" button. All done.

Receiver will get an email with file download link from you. They can use three ways to download your file, one is use web browser; another one is use any BitTorrent client they have; last one is use Podmailing client if they have. Some people had test speed of these three ways, result is use Podmailing client is fastest. Use BitTorrent client is next, and use web browser is a little bit slow but that depends on your local bandwidth.

Now, Podmailing is belong to another p2p file sharing service - Vipeers now.


与电子邮件一样,你可以输入收件人的电子邮件地址,可输入发送多个地址。选择你要发送的文件或文件夹,写一个简短的信息告知收件人你发送文件给他们。你可以选择不同的分享方式:使用电子邮件或者网站分享;什么时候可以下载;以及文件在服务器上的时间。之后,你可以点击"send your podmail"按钮即可。


现在,Podmailing属于另一个点对点分享服务商 - Vipeers

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