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Get One Year License Of Search & Recover For Free

Search & Recover is a product of Iolo software company, it is a recovery software that allows you recover deleted files in your hard drive or other device. It is a commercial software, and that costs about $39 one year license.

Now, you can follow these steps to get it for free. Look at steps below.

Go to this promotion page, you will see a page that like screenshot below.

Click "Continue" button, you will see a checkout page. It shows you "one year subscription promotion", it is not charge you anything.

Click "Secure Checkout" button, it takes you to another page, you need fill your bill information. Do not worry, you can fill a fake information except email address, you need a real email address to receive a register code.

Click "Continue" button, you will see Deliver Method, it is free.

Click "Continue" button, a checkout page shows you nothing you need pay.

Finally, last page tells you all done. Now, you can check your email and use that register code you got to install software, one year license for free use.

Search & RecoverIolo软件公司的一个产品,它是一个文件恢复软件,可以用来恢复电脑中被删除的文件。它是一个商业软件,一年的使用权价值39美元。



点击"Continue"按钮,你会看到另一个结账页面,上面有"one year subscription promotion"这样的字,意思是宣传期订约。

点击"Secure Checkout"按钮,它会带你到结账信息页面,除了电子邮件地址外其他的信息都不必真实,邮件地址是用来接收它的注册码。

点击"Continue"按钮,来到一个Deliver Method(递送方式)页面。你可以看到是用电子邮件发送,免费。


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