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Get PhotoPosPro Full License For Free

Photo Pos Pro is an image editor and it is also a powerful tool, that lets you edit, enhance image and digital photo with different levels that from basic to professional. you can edit existing images, create new works based on existing images, create new works from scratch and more.

If you like edit photo or design something maybe you will like it, but Photo Pos Pro is not a freeware, it costs almost $50 bucks. Here has a way to get it for free, steps are very simple, Softpedia just giveaway this free full license now.

Go to this page, fill this form like this screenshot below.

That is all. You need check your email make sure you got register code with an email that from Photo Pos Pro. After that you need download Photo Pos Pro or direct click here download.

After you installed it you need use register code that you got to active software, it must be online do that.

Photo Pos Pro是一个图片编辑器,也是一个强大的图片工具。它可以让你编辑和改善图片及数码相片的质量,你可以根据自身的水平来使用不同的功能,基本型或者专业型。你可以用它来编辑现有的图片,或者根据现有的图片来创建一个新图片,以及利用它的模式来创建新图片。

如果你对编辑或设计图片感兴趣的话,也许这是一个合适的软件。但是Photo Pos Pro并不是一个免费软件,它价值50美元。现在这里有一个方式可以免费得到它,Softpedia正在发送免费注册码。


之后,检查你的电子邮箱确认你收到了一封来自Photo Pos Pro的邮件,里面附有该软件的注册码。然后你就可以到它的网站上下载该软件,或者点这里下载。


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