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What Is That File

Sometimes we surf some websites or download some software that have some unknown codes or malware with, we do not know what that file is. Anti-virus/anti-spy software maybe can stop or detect it, but it dose mean 100% they will doing right. That why sometimes we found some strange files are running with computer system. One way we can use to identify these unknown files, that use search engine, like Google. But it gives you too many information, so we can use another choice.

What Is That File is an online service that helps you identify any unknown files on your computer. Of course, it is not cover all files but it is still useful. Just type a file name it will display results. This service use jajx technology so it displays results at once while you typing.


What Is That File是一个在线服务网站,它可以帮助你发现那些在电脑中的文件是否正常。当然,它并不覆盖全部的文件,但仍然是一个有效的工具。只要输入一个文件名,它会显示出结果。它使用jajx技术,所以在你输入时它会立刻显示其结果。

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