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Get Some Holiday Gifts (Software) For Free

You know it is a holiday season now, so do not be surprise about some companies or websites giveaway some holiday gifts, like free download software, free software serials or coupons. If you search some freebies that is a good chance.

Avanguest Software site has a good promotion activity that giveaway some gifts from December 1st to 24th. Everyday it offers a software for free download and free code. You do not need do anything, just go to this promotion calendar, fill your name and email address into a small form, and pick up a day, after click it will show you what software you can get. If you like you just grab it. Today is December 6th, so you can pick 1st to 6th, do not pick late dates, it will show you too early.

These list shows you what it has in past dates:
December 1st: Website X5 Smart Edition
December 2nd: Safe’n’Sec Personal
December 3rd: Driving Test Premium £5 coupon
December 4th: Jewel Match free game
December 5th: Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe
December 6th: Fix It Express 7

I know these software are not very famous but we can get them for free, why not?


Avanguest Software网站正在做一个宣传活动,时间是12月1日到24日。这个期间它每天推出一个软件免费下载和赠送注册码或优惠券。你并不需要做什么,只要到这个宣传日历网站上填入姓名和邮件地址,然后选择某天即可。在你点击一个日子后它会显示出它给你什么软件。如果你喜欢的话就可以得到。今天是12月6日,所以你可以选择1-6日的软件,可重复选择, 但不要选后面的日期,它会告诉你太早了。

12月1日: Website X5 Smart Edition
12月2日: Safe’n’Sec Personal
12月3日: Driving Test Premium 5英镑优惠券
12月4日: Jewel Match free game
12月5日: Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe
12月6日: Fix It Express 7


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