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How To Stream Live TV With TVUPlayer & VLC Media Player

Usually, I use TVUPlayer to watch some Chinese TV shows, but sometimes I need record these TV show while I left computer. I remember I had an article that introduced about how to stream TV live show with TVants (another P2P online TV client) and VLC Media Player. But I did not find a same way to stream live TV show with TVUPlayer at that time.

Actually, I spent a lots of time to try find a way to stream TV show with TVUPlayer. Finally, I got it, and use same way (TVUPlayer and VLC Media Player). Just follow some steps below. Of course, you need two software TVUPlayer and VLC Media Player 0.9.2, they both are free software.

1, Open TVUPlayer choose your favorite channel, wait a moment till the picture on screen on TVUPlayer.

2, Open VLC Media Player, click "Media" tab, pick "Streaming" on extension menu.

Choose "Network", in "Network Protocol", pick "HTTP" under "Protocol". Under "Address", fill http://localhost:8901 into address bar.

3, Click "Stream" button. It will open another window, on "Outputs" section, pick "Play locally" if you like watch it same time, and pick "File", on "Filename" click "Browse" button, choose a folder that you want save video file. Important: take a name for your file, and add .asf extension format.

4, On "Profile" section, choose "Encapsulation", pick "ASF/WMV". Click "Stream" button.

That is all you have to do. Remember, you must keep TVUPlayer play show while you stream file. If you want change TVUPlayer channel and stream a new show you have to do same steps again, and change file name or path.

通常,我使用一些点对点网络电视客户端如TVUPlayer来观看一些中文电视,但是有时候在我不在电脑旁的时候我需要将节目录制下来。我记得我曾经写过一篇有关如何使用TVants和VLC Media Player来录制电视节目。但在那个时候我并没有发现可以使用相同的方法在TVUPlayer上录制电视节目。

事实上,我花费了不少的时间来试图发现是否有办法录制TVUPlayer上的节目。最终,我发现一个方法可以使用TVUPlayer和VLC Media Player来录制电视节目。只要跟随下面的步骤就可以了,当然你需要两个软件:TVUPlayer和VLC Media Player 0.9.2。

1, 打开TVUPlayer,选择你要录制的频道,等待画面出现TVUPlayer上。

2, 打开VLC Media Player,点击"Media"窗条,在展开菜单上选"Streaming"。选"Network",在"Network Protocol"部分,"Protocol"下选"HTTP"。 在"Address"部分输入http://localhost:8901 到地址栏中。

3, 点击"Stream"按钮,它会打开另一个窗口。如果你想同时观看的话可在"Outputs"部分选"Play locally"。在 "File"部分可在"Filename"上点"Browse"按钮,选择你要保存录制文件的文件夹路径。重要一点:给出一个文件名,然后要添加.asf后缀。

4, 在"Profile"部分,选"Encapsulation",选"ASF/WMV"。最后点击"Stream"按钮。


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