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Get Acronis True Image 8 For Free

Sometimes we need recover computer system when it has serious problem, most name brand PCs have one key recovery function, but some offer recovery CD. If you lost recovery CD how can you do? So we need third software to recover computer system, like Acronis True Image.

British PC magazine Computer Shopper offers its users free Acronis True Image 8, it is very simple to apply even does not required your more information. After you click above link you will enter a register page like blow.

Then, you just fill your name and email address, you do not need fill other information like address, country, telephone number. On "What other PC publications do you read?" you can fill this: PC World. Click "Register Me" button, it will show you this page below. It tells you it sent an email to you.

Check your email inbox, you can see a confirmation email from Acronis. Click a link that confirm your request. After that it takes you to a confirmation page, that shows you a register password for an account of Acronis you registered before, that for download. Meanwhile, another email will send to you, check email you will find a register code for Acronis True Image 8.

Last step is download here (need login), and use that code to register software.

That all you have to do. You got it and free using.

有时候当我们的电脑出现严重问题的时候需要一个软件来恢复系统,通常一些品牌机提供一个一键恢复系统功能,但有些则提供一个CD恢复盘。如果你丢失了恢复盘该如何办?所以我们需要通过一个第三方系统恢复软件来恢复系统,如Acronis True Image

英国的一个电脑杂志Computer Shopper提供一个免费使用Acronis True Image 8的机会,非常简单就可以得到。只要点击前面的链接,就可以申请。

在申请网页上可以简单地输入你的姓名和电子邮件地址,并不需要输入太多的信息如国家、住址、电话号码。在"What other PC publications do you read?"这一栏你可以输入:PC World。在点击"Register Me"按钮后,它会进入下一页,上面告诉你已经发送了一封邮件给你。

查看你的信箱后可以看到一封来自Acronis True Image的邮件,里面有一个确认链接。点击链接后会打开一个确认页面,上面显示一个你注册的账户密码,这是为了登录后下载该软件之用。与此同时,它会发出另一封电子邮件到你的信箱,里面有Acronis True Image 8的注册码。

最后是下载Acronis True Image 8(需登陆),用得到的注册码来注册该软件。

这就是全部过程。Acronis True Image 8并不是最新的版本,不过你可以得到优惠价进行更新版本。


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