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Use FreeRapid Downloader To Download File From Rapidshare Easily

Rapidshare is a popular file sharing site that hosts tons files, many people like search it to find something to download, but a big problem is if you are a free user you will feel uncomfortable while you download a file, like waiting. Today, I want introduce a software to download file from Rapidshare.

FreeRapid Downloader is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file sharing services that included Megaupload, FileFactory, Easy-share,, DepositFiles, and more. Just simply copy and paste your links to this application. FreeRapid Downloader will handle the rest itself. No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting.

Main Features:

* support for concurrent downloading from multiple services
* downloading using proxy list
* clipboard monitoring
* download history
* auto shutdown options
* simple CAPTCHA recognition
* programming interface (API) for adding other services like plugins
* works on Linux and MacOS
* easy to use
* multilanguage interface - Czech, English, Slovak, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hungarian, German.

Download FreeRapid Downloader, about 5.05MB. It is a freeware.


FreeRapid Downloader是一个简单的Java下载器,它可以从Rapidshare和别的文件分享网站上下载文件,包括Megaupload, FileFactory, Easy-share,, DepositFiles等等。只要简单地靠背和粘贴文件地址到该软件中即可自动下载文件,无需太多的点击和等待。


* 支持多个服务网站
* 可使用代理服务器下载
* 支持剪贴板监视
* 下载历史纪录
* 自动关闭选项
* 简单地验证码辨别
* 可添加插件
* 适用Linux和MacOS
* 多语言界面 - 捷克语、英语、斯洛伐克语、中文、西班牙语、法语、匈牙利语和德语。

下载FreeRapid Downloader,大概5.05MB大小。它是一个免费软件。

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