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Get East Tec Backup 2007 Free License Code

East Tec Backup 2007 is a product of East Technology, it is a backup software, it uses an easy way to backup your files that including files or folders, documents, emails, photos, address book, program settings. Back up data and settings from your favorite programs like browser, email client.

East Tec Backup 2007 is not a freeware, and it is not newest version, but it still costs almost $40. Now Vnunet giveaway 2007 version. Just follow steps below.

Go to this web page, you will see a page like screenshot below.

Fill your name and email address into form, and click "submit" button. After that, you need check your email. If everything is fine you will see an email that has a link. Click that link it takes you to a page that lets you choose your order like screenshot below.

You need click "Get Free Key!" button on "East Tec Backup 2007" item. Next page you can see a license code like screenshot below.

Next, you need download East Tec Backup 2007, you can not find this old version on East Technology website, so you need click here download it.

After that, you can use license code while you install software.

East Tec Backup 2007是East Technology公司的一个产品,它可以让使用一个比较简单的方式备份你电脑中的文件,如文件和文件夹、图片、文本文件、地址簿,或者软件设置。备份一些软件如浏览器和电子邮件客户端的数据。

East Tec Backup 2007并不是新版本,但仍然价值40美元。现在Vnunet正在赠送免费2007版本。只要跟随下面的步骤即可。



注意,如果你要的是免费2007版本的话,可以点击"East Tec Backup 2007"栏下的"Get Free Key!"按钮。下面的页面就是你要得注册码。

之后,你需要下载该软件。由于East Tec Backup 2007是旧版本,在East Technology主站上并没有下载地址。你可以在这个地址下载该软件。随后,你就可以适用得到注册码安装软件。

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