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Portable Tor

We know we can use Tor network to surf online anonymously, but for some normal users it a little bit difficult. Of course, we can use some special browsers like Xb Browser, Opera Tor, Tor Browser, these browsers combine Tor network, and configuration free.

If you like use your favorite browser to surf online with Tor network maybe Portable Tor is good for you. It is a portable software that lets you install it with a USB flash drive. It is good for people who like use other browser or separated between browser and Tor network.

Be careful, after you installed and run Tor network, you need setup your browser's proxy settings to point at Tor is a good internet privacy software, but it runs a little bit slow.

我们都知道我们可以使用Tor来匿名浏览网络,但对一些普通用户来说它有点复杂。当然,我们可以使用一些特别的浏览器如Xb Browser, Opera Tor, Tor Browser,这些浏览器都整合了Tor,而且无需设置。

如果你喜欢单独使用Tor组合自己常用的浏览器的话,也许Portable Tor非常适合你。这是一个便携式软件,你可以将其安装在U盘中,它非常适合那些喜欢使用别的浏览器或者单独使用Tor的人。

注意,当你安装和运转Portable Tor后,你需要对你的浏览器的代理进行设置,如:。Tor是一个非常不错的保护个人隐私软件,但它运转起来有点慢。

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