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Make Google Search Easily On Cellphone

If you use cellphone to get online you want type letter shortly as possible as you can, some websites offer some convenient services, like to make long web address shorter. offers this kind of service that makes Google Search much easier with tiny screen and keyboard of cellphone.

You can type and add some keywords that you wanted search. e.g. I want search TV with Google on my cellphone, I can type this web address: It is easy and useful. You can type like that if you want search more detail:

Actually, if you type that will take you to, it created by MrCalzone.


你可以输入,加上一些关键字来进行搜索。如我想在移动电话上用Google来搜索TV, 就可以输入这个地址:,它简单实用。如果你想要更多细节可以输入:


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