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Use Windows Media Player To Play FLV Video

I know many people use Windows Media Player, but one thing is not good that is this media player does not support popular online video .flv format, most internet video sites are using this media format. If you want play .flv format file you need use other media players like VLC, GOM Player, or other special FLV players.

Now, you can use Windows Media Player to playback .flv format video, you only have to do that is to download a Windows Media Player plugin - PlayFLV. This plugin can enable Windows Media Player to playback .flv file without any problem. It is a small software that only 300kb, it also lets you install a codec pack like K-lite, which not only installs the FLV component but also dozens of other video playback components.

After install that you can use Windows Media Player to play .flv media file.

Download PlayFLV.
我知道不少人使用Windows Media Player,但有一点不太好,因为它不支持现在大部分视频网站使用的.flv格式视频。如果你要播放.flv格式视频的话就需要使用别的播放器,如VLC, GOM Player,或者其他的.flv专用播放器。

现在,你可以使用Windows Media Player来播放.flv格式的视频,你只要下载一个Windows Media Player 插件 - PlayFLV,这个插件可以让你使用Windows Media Player来播放.flv格式的视频。这是一个小软件,只有300kb,它也可以让你安装如K-lite这样的解码包,也可以安装其他的视频组件。

完成下载安装之后,你就可以用Windows Media Player来播放.flv格式的视频文件,没有任何问题。


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