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Use A German VPN Surf Online Anonymously For Free

I had an article that introduced a free VPN service - Always VPN before, and I also mentioned another one - Hotspot Shield. A user asked me about a Sweden VPN - Relakks, I am really do not know about this commercial service, I heard a few years ago it had a free version but now it only gives you few days for test this service.

To looking for a free VPN is not easy, today I like introduce another one, it is a German VPN - CyberGhost VPN. Actually, it is a commercial VPN service but it also offers free version. If you just want surf online anonymously the free version is enough. The free version called basic, it limited 10GB a month broadband usage. If you want get more you need pay 9.99 Euro a month, and you will get 40GB and 2GB online storage space.

Well, let us talk about install software and connect service. It was a little complicated for me. First, you need download it, after that install it. I could not install it at first time, because my computer did not allow it install some .dll files. I had try several times finally I did shout off my anti-spy software and finished installing steps. Another inconvenience is you need create an account with CyberGhost VPN, then, you need active your account. It was very hard for me, because it does not show you where active bar is on interface. It behind on "Create New Account" section.

After all done, you can use it connect to service, if you want free version just click "basic". Wait a moment, it will connect to service. Look at screenshots below, compare to different pictures that show you before and after connection.

By the way, CyberGhost VPN uses two languages: German and English with website and application, you can pick one which you liked.

以前我曾经写过一篇介绍Always VPN的文章,也提到过另一个免费的VPN服务:Hotspot Shield。有个读者询问我有关一个瑞典VPN服务-Relakks的状况,说实话我对它并不了解,也没有使用过。我听说以前它提供免费版本但后来就取消了,现在它只提供几天的测试期。

要寻找免费的VPN并不容易,今天我想介绍一个德国的VPN服务,它叫CyberGhost VPN。其实,它也是一个商业性VPN服务,不过它也提供免费版本。如果你仅仅想使用VPN浏览网站的话也足够了,免费版本提供带宽使用量为每个月10GB。如果你想要更多的话可以使用商业版,每个月9.99欧元,40GB带宽使用量,以及提供2GB的在线储存空间。

好了,让我们来谈谈下载、安装和连接步骤。对我来说这有点复杂,首先你需要下载软件,然后是安装。我在安装时遇到一些困难,我的电脑不允许安装一些软件中的.dll文件,试了几次都没有成功。最后我将反间谍软件关闭才完成安装。另一个不方便的地方是在安装软件后你必须创建一个账户,然后你需要激活这个账户。问题出在CyberGhost VPN并没有在界面上直接显示激活按钮,它隐藏在“创建新帐户”区域中。


顺便提一下,CyberGhost VPN使用两种语言:德语和英语。网站和软件都是如此,你可以做一个选择。

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