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Web Links 13/01/09

Orgoo - an online community that lets you use a video chat room with all instant messengers together. Beta version required invitation for register.
Wooztalk - A browser client that allows you chatting with other users who are surfing same website.
Vloud - a web tool that makes MP3 louder if you MP3's volume too low.
Page Reboot - allows you to continually refresh a website of your choice, like eBay, track newest page display.
Web2.0 calc - a cool online calculator.

Orgoo - 一个在线社区,可以让你使用视频聊天室,集合所有全部的即时通讯客户端。目前还处在测试期,需要邀请才能注册。
Wooztalk - 一个浏览器的客户端,可以让你与其他浏览相同网站的用户聊天。
Vloud - 一个网络工具,它可以让你将MP3的音量提高。
Page Reboot - 可以让你持续刷新你要的网页,如eBay,追踪最新显示的网页。
Web2.0 calc - 一个很酷的在线计算器。

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