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Download MP3 Music With Musicload

We love music, we like MP3, so we can play music anywhere, anytime. We can download MP3 music from internet, put them into MP3 player, and carry them very easy. But most music sites do not offer download music, especial some main music sites. We can use some special downloaders to catch tracks if they can play online. Only few sites offer download music for free, Musicload is one.

Musicload combines search function, just fill song name, album, and artist, click "Get it" button, it will give a list that search results you can download. It is really simple but works fine.

I do not know how long Musicload can keep, it says that is legal, because resource from music videos, they extract audio and convert to MP3 file.


Musicload结合了搜索功能,只要输入曲名、歌手和专辑名,点击"Get it"按钮,它会显示一个搜索结果列表,而这些MP3音乐都可以下载。它非常简单但很有效。


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