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Get Acronis True Image 10 For Free

I remember I had a post that introduced about how to get Acronis True Image 8 for free. This time I tell you how to get Acronis True Image 10 for free. How? Just follow me.

This promotion activity is also with British PC World Magazine, only for UK resident, but we can get it either. Just go to this web page, you may need a UK proxy if you are not live in UK. As last time you just simple fill your name, email address into a form, on "what other PC publications do you read?", just write PC Magazine. Click "Register Me" button. It will send an email at once.

Check your email, click a confirmation link inside. It shows you a password of your account (that is not important, we need registration code), it sent another email with a registration code. So next step is go to download Acronis True Image 10, but you can not find it on its main page. You can use Google to search it, or just direct download it here. That is all you got, install,registered and run it with full features.

我记得以前曾经写过how to get Acronis True Image 8 for free这篇文章,主要介绍如何免费得到Acronis True Image 8的注册码。今天,我要告诉你的是如何免费得到Acronis True Image 10的注册码。

这次的宣传活动是由英国电脑杂志PC World主办,对象是英国读者,但我们也能获得。你只要到这个网页,如果你不居住在英国的话也许你需要一个英国IP地址。与以前一样,只要简单地在一个表格中输入你的名字和电子邮件地址,在"what other PC publications do you read?"这一栏中写PC Magazine。点击"Register Me"按钮,它会立刻发出一封电子邮件。

检查你的邮件,点击里面的一个确认链接。它会转给你另一个网页,上面有你的账户密码(这不重要,我们需要的是注册码),它告诉你发出了另一封邮件,里面就有软件注册码。所以下一步就是下载Acronis True Image 10。你并不能在它的主页上找到Acronis True Image 10,现在最新的下载版本是Acronis True Image 2009。所以你可以用Google来搜索,或者在这里下载。这就是全部过程,安装后输入注册码就可以享用全部的功能。

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