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Use An Online Tool To Cut MP3 File

Smart MP3 Splitter is a web based MP3 splitter that allows your upload your MP3 and cut it a small piece as you wanted. It should be very useful if you want make your favorite music become a short cellphone ringtone.

First, you have to upload a MP3, after that you can use mouse to drag two white maker to make a piece part that you want keep. Click "Selected" button, and download it. The tool is simple but the design is not clear. Maybe users will confused about how to cutting.

Smart MP3 Splitter是一个在线MP3分割工具,它可以让你上传你的MP3文件,并将其分割成你想要的小文件。如果你要用喜欢的音乐来制作短小的移动电话铃声的话这是一个不错的工具。


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