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Find Similar Websites Without Search

I have read many articles from internet everyday, I surf different websites, and I have to search similar websites for my articles from time to time. It was struggle, because you have to use search engine to search again and again. In other hand, I save too many websites in my bookmark folder, it is hard to find one that I knew I bookmarked.

Similarweb is an extension of Firefox, it adds a little sidebar to Firefox screen window, and shows you a list of websites that similar to the currently loaded website while you surfing. That makes you easy to find similar websites without searching. Of course, it will occupy a little space of browser screen, if you do not want you can change it, just hide or only use a small button on toolbar.

This is a good extension of Firefox for students, researchers and bloggers. By the way, Similarweb will offer another extension for IE browser soon.




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