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Extract Any Wesite's Color

If you have a regular website I mean that is not blog platform, usually you have to design your website style by yourself, that including color, frame, font, and other. We have many ways to get web materials for website, but at least you have search a lot. If we have some web tools to help you get them it should be much easier.

I Like Your Colors is this kind of tool, you can use this tool to pick any website's color. It is very good for people who found a website's colors they liked and want use it on their own sites.

It is easy to use, just fill a web address into a address bar, click "Get Colors" button, it will display result that extracted colors from that site. It is a useful web tool.


I Like Your Colors就是这样的一个工具,你可以使用这个工具来选择网站的色彩。这对那些在网络上发现相当不错的色彩而想用在自己网站上的人来说它是一个非常有效的工具。

它非常容易使用,只要在它的地址栏中输入网址,然后点击"Get Colors"按钮即可,它会显示从该网站上榨取出来的颜色。这是一个非常实用的工具。

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