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HTTP-Tunnel Bypass Firewall

Http Tunnel is a small software that turns http protocol to socks via proxy. It can send data through HTTP (port 80), this is a very useful tool for users who behind restrictive firewall that only allows HTTP communication. HTTP-Tunnel technology is very secure and we can use it to access internet anonymously.

Http Tunnel is not difficult to install and configuration. After downloaded, you can install as other software. The configuration is simple, you do not need change anything on Configuration window, just click "test" button let it automatically test if you use proxy or not.
On main window it will show you detail of connection. It has option: Free or Payment User. If you choose Free Server Mode you do not have to do anything. Free users have limited speed, to only surf simple websites that should be OK, but it is not for watch video.

After all done, you have to set your browse proxy to localhost:1080. You can test your IP and make sure it connects socks servers. If everything is OK you can surf online anonymously. By the way, it also supports some instant messengers and other applications.

Http Tunnel是一个小软件,它可以将普通的http协议通过代理转为socks。它可以用通常的http(80端口)来发送数据,这对那些在连接网络协议有所限制的用户如只能用http协议连接,它是一个很有效的工具。HTTP-Tunnel也是一个非常安全的数据传输方法,我们可以用它来匿名浏览英特网。

安装和配置Http Tunnel并不复杂,下载后你可以象一般的软件那样安装。配置也很简单,在配置窗口内你并不需要做什么更动,只要点击"test"按钮,它会自动测试你是否使用代理。在主窗口内它会显示所有连接信息。它有两个选择:免费和服费用户。如果你选择免费用户的话就无需作任何更动。免费模式对速度有所限制,只能用来浏览普通的网站,对观看视频和下载大文件就显得比较困难。

之后,你需要对浏览器的代理进行设置:localhost:1080。你可以到这个网站测试你的IP,确定它已经更改了原来的IP地址。如果一切顺利的话你就可以匿名浏览网站了。另外,Http Tunnel也支持一些网络即时通讯软件和其他一些软件。

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