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Download High Quality Video From Youtube

We like Youtube, it has published thousands new videos everyday. People like download video from Youtube even it does not offer this service. But most time we downloaded videos are low quality that compressed, only .flv format. We can convert it to other formats but we can not change video's quality. Actually, some videos uploaded with high quality but you only can download low quality video. How can we download high quality video from Youtube? Here has a solution for you.

Keephd is a web tool that lets you download high quality video from Youtube. Like other web tool, just fill a video link into address bar, after hit "Download Video" bar it will display a sheet: FLV Low Quality, 3gp Mobile Download, MP4 High Quality. Click one that you wanted it should be download at once.

It works fine when I tested. It is a good tool for Youtube fans.


Keephd是一个在线工具,它可以让你从Youtube上下载高画质的视频。与其他网络工具一样,只要将一个Youtube的视频链接地址输入到它的地址栏中,点击"Download Video"按钮后,它会显示一个选项菜单:FLV Low Quality(低画质), 3gp Mobile Download(手机格式), MP4 High Quality(高画质)。选择你所需要的格式就可以立刻下载。


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