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Download High Quality Youtube Video With A Simple Software

Yesterday I introduced about use a web tool to download high quality video from Youtube. Today, I like tell you how to use a simple software to download high quality video from Youtube.

For me, web tool is good, easy and quickly without install any software, but for privacy it is very weak, you almost share your downloading with somebody. Some people are very care about their privacy so they prefer use a software to download internet video. Youtube Downloader HD is a software that helps you download high quality video from Youtube, if available even you can download high definition video.

Youtube Downloader HD has 4 downloading options lets you choose: Normal Quality (FLV), Normal Quality (AVI), High Quality (MP4), and High Definition (AVI HD). The interface is very simple, just pick video quality that you wanted, fill a Youtube video link into address bar, choose a place that you want save on your hard drive. Click "Start" button, that is all you have to do. The video quality depends on original quality, that means high definition quality only fit original one is a high definition video.

It is a free software, it also has a portable version, you can put it on your USB flash drive without install.


对我来说,在线工具非常不错,但对隐私来说它就有很大的缺点了,至少你在与某个人分享你所下载的视频。有些用户非常关心自己的隐私,所以他们宁愿使用软件来下载网络视频。Youtube Downloader HD就是一个帮助你下载高画质Youtube视频的软件,如果可能的话,它还可以下载HD(高清晰)视频。

Youtube Downloader HD有4个下载选项:Normal Quality (FLV)-普通FLV格式,Normal Quality (AVI)-普通AVI格式,High Quality (MP4)-高画质MP4格式,以及High Definition (AVI HD)-高清晰AVI HD格式。它的界面非常简单,只要选择一个你想要下载视频格式,输入一个Youtube视频链接到地址栏,然后选择你要保存视频到电脑中的路径。 最后,点击"Start"按钮即可进行下载。下载视频的质量取决于原来视频的质量,也就是说要下载一个高清晰视频的条件是Youtube上原来的视频也是高清晰。


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