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Build Your Own Video Site With Fliggo

Do you have a website or blog? Have you ever want build a video site as Youtube or just like a regular video blog? Sounds difficult for most people. But we have a solution now, Fliggo gives you a flexible platform that helps you build your own video site.

With Fliggo, you can upload your video or links a video that from other video site like Youtube. After you registered an account, you can choose to build a video community, or a video blog. For basic user, you have 1GB space for free. It supports several media formats: AVI, MP4, Flash Video, Windows Media, MPEG, and Real Media. The good point is it is very easy to use, just like regular website or blog. I think it suits everyone who is interesting about build own video site.

According to this website say, it will develop paid account, the benefits including use own domain, put your ads, and enlarge space usage.


Fliggo,你可以上传自己的视频,或者从别的视频网站上连接一个视频。在你注册了一个账户后可以选择创建一个视频社区或者视频blog。对普通用户来说,你可以免费得到1GB空间。它支持多种视频格式:AVI, MP4, Flash Video, Windows Media, MPEG,以及Real Media。它最大的好处是非常容易使用,如同一般网站和blog操作。我想这非常适合那些对修建视频网站感兴趣的人。



sExYboy said...

I created a site as But I wonder how long it will keeps free.

Living Online said...

Now, they only have free user, that means you can keep your account free. I think they will develop paid part, hope they still keep free part.