Grab this Widget ~ Blogger Accessories Offers Some Full TV Shows is created by ABC, it is a place all about TV show, like news, TV serials, video clips. Now, even you can watch some full episodes. These videos are not only from ABC, it also covers most main US TV stations, like NBC, Fox, CBS. If you live in US you can use its list to check local TV time.

Let us back to the video, it has some channels, like Videos, HD videos, Shows, News. These channels are we can watch. If you like watch video clips the Video channel is best choice; if you want watch high definition quality you can pick HD video channel. The best thing I think that is Full Episodes that under Video channel. You can watch some full shows, like CSI Miami, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, CBS Evening News, Survivor.

Of course, it just has only a few full episodes, but for people who could not caught show time or travel outside, it is a good site to watch your favorite show.

TV.com是美国广播公司ABC属下的一家网站,这是一个有关电视的视频网站,你可以观看不少视频,包括新闻、电视连续剧、电视节目片断,甚至是完整的电视节目。这些视频并不仅仅来自ABC,还包括美国的主流电视台的节目,如:NBC, Fox, CBS。如果你居住在美国的话还可以用它来查看当地的电视节目表。

让我们回到视频话题,它由一些频道组成,包括Videos,HD videos,Shows,News。这些频道我们都可选择观看。如果你想观看视频片断的话可以选择Video频道;如果你想要观看高清晰视频的话可以选择HD video频道。我认为最好部分是Video频道下的Full Episodes。在这里,你可以观看一些完整的电视节目,如CSI Miami, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, CBS Evening News, Survivor。


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