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Create Brochure Online

Mybrochuremaker is an interesting site, it is an online tool that helps people who want create brochure and print it easily.

If you are running your own business like grocery store, agency, it should be a very good tool for you. It is very easy to use, just follow its steps, choose style: Brochure with mailing panel, Brochure without mailing panel, and Flyer. After that, it should be easy, just a few steps you can create your brochure, like choose a theme, add text. After all done, you can print it.


如果你自己做小生意的话,如拥有杂货店、代理行等,它可能是一个非常不错的工具。它非常容易使用,只要跟随它的几个步骤下去就可以了。选择模式:Brochure with mailing panel(附有邮件地址的小手册)、Brochure without mailing panel(不附有邮件地址的小手册)、以及Flyer(广告纸)。之后界很简单,只要几个步骤就可以创建你的小手册,如选择一个主题、添加文字。完成后就可以打印下来。

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