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Likaholix, A New Way Share Your Likes

Likaholix is an online community that gives you a easy way to discuss and share your likes, such as your favorite book, movie, music, food, brand that you can list on it. You can recommend them to friends via Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter.

You can list your favorite stuff, write down your comments, and publish with some social network accounts if you have. You can add related pictures and videos (that from internet like Amazon and Youtube, they are not upload from you). You can check recommendation that lists other people who like same stuff.

Likaholix is a new site, still in beta version, it required invitation to register. If you like you can click this code for register.

Likaholix是一个在线社区,它给你一个新的方法来讨论和分享你所喜欢的东西,如你喜欢的书籍、电影、音乐、食品、品牌等。你可以通过一些社会性网站和工具如Facebook, Gmail, Twitter来推荐你所喜欢的东西。



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