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Lost In Translation With MeGlobe

MeGlobe is a web based chat application that allows you to send instant message with real time translation. It supports about 15 languages. When I first saw this server I thought that is cool. It can translate your language into other one after you sent. You can pick a language that you want translated. Actually, it just use a robot to do this job. Maybe it uses Google Translate, or other one. I know translation is not easy, especially for robot translation. You only guess about meaning while a robot translate something.

I am not impress for this service, I was a little disappointed about translation quality. But have something is better than nothing. If you want talk to someone who speak another language maybe it can helps you a little.



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Jose said...

Thank you for reviewing MeGlobe! We understand that Machine Translation isn't perfect which is why we allow our users to make edits to the translations.

Every edit that is made is stored in the system and used to teach MeGlobe to become a better translator.