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Use External Media Play To Play Embed Video

Usually, when we surf some online video sites and watch a video that embed on a web page, like Youtube. If somebody like use external media player to play it how can you do? It is possible to use a Firefox add-on.

MediaPlayerConnectivity is a Firefox add-on, it allows you to launch embed video of website in an external media player with a simple click, like Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time, or other players. After you installed this add-on you can associate them with various media formats. So next time, when you surf a video site just a click you can use your favorite media player to watch online video. It is simple and quick.


MediaPlayerConnectivity是一个Firefox添加件,它可以让你使用自己电脑中现有的播放器来播放在线视频。只要一个点击就可以使用你喜欢的播放器来播放视频,如Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time,或别的播放器。在你安装添加件后你可以将他们与不同的视频格式关联起来,这样,下次你在观看在线视频的时候就可以启动你喜欢的播放器来播放视频。非常简单和快速。

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