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Drama, A Desktop Client For Netflix Customer

I am not a big movie fan but my wife is. In US, if you like movie maybe you have to go to cinema, or buy DVD, or to rent disk via video renters like Netflix, Blockbuster, Redbox. Many people like rent DVD via online service, like Netflix, it is convenient, you do not have to go to video store, just check your favorite movie online and it will mail to you. If you are a customer of Netflix maybe this software is good for you.

Drama is a desktop client for Netflix users. You can browse movie trailers, view new releases, search Netflix's library, and manage your queue—all within one application. The good thing is you can play movie trailers before you pick up movie that you want rant.

The client required Windows Vista operation system, and an account of Netflix.

我并不是一个电影迷,但是我太太却是一个典型的电影迷。在美国,如果你喜欢电影的话可以去电影院,或者去买碟,或通过租碟公司租碟如Netflix, Blockbuster, Redbox。很多人喜欢在网络上租碟,如Netflix。它非常方便,不需要去碟片商店,只要在网站上勾划你喜欢的片子即可,它会给你寄来。如果你是Netflix的用户的话,也许这个软件非常适合你。


该客户端仅适合Windows Vista操作系统,并需要一个Netflix的账户。

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