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Zumodrive, Stream Your Online Storage Files

Online storage is popular, some web servers offer huge online space to users for free. Most online storage servers are limited broadband for free users, that is why sometimes it is so slow to upload or download files with your web browser. Some file backup servers use sync technology, it allows backup steps going in background, that called cloud storage, and allows you to sync files across multiple devices.

Zumodrive is a new one in this style, it creates a virtual drive on your device that is synced to the cloud. The unique features is it streams files to your desktop. You can access all your stuff even you use iPhone. If you got Zumodrive you do not have to worry about your hard drive even for small hard drive netbook PC. Now, it offers 1GB space for free users, it also has some payment plans.

Zumodrive is a beta version, required invited code for download.




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