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Search, Play & Download MP3 Music With Musicgama

Few days ago I had a post that talk about download MP3 music from internet. Today, I want mention another web service that also lets you download MP3 music.

Musicgama is a MP3 music search site that lets you play or download music. As many other MP3 music sites, you just type a song name into search bar, after you hit "search" button it will display a list of related songs. You can hit play button to play song online, or hit download button for downloading. But the problem is this service uses popup page to play music, and it also popup an ads page. It is really bad, I think most people hate that way. About download, it is not let you direct download music, only offers you a download link, this is not a smart way.

Of course, Musicgama does not store any music files, it just streams MP3 music from some social network sites. For me, I prefer use Musicload.




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