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Use Map Check Out Local Movie Time

I am really impress this online mash up application that called Movie Showtimes Map, it uses Google Map show you local movie time. It is simple to use, just type a local city name, click "go" button, it will show you a map that displays where you can go to watch movie. Click a marker that shows you cinema name. On side bar that also lists currently show on movie name. It is really useful if you want to know what movie show on, and where you can go. But unfortunately it lacks some information like movie schedule, cinema address. If it has these information it should be a wonderful tool. I had try to check Tokyo - Japan,Shanghai - China, and Paris - France. It works fine. It is a great tool for travelers who love movie.

我对这个叫Movie Showtimes Map的在线聚合程式感到印象深刻,它使用Google地图来显示当地的电影院上映的电影。它非常简单,只要在地址栏中输入当地城市的名字,点击"go"后马上会显示一幅地图,上面标明了电影院的位置,点击一个标记就可以查看电影院的名字。在边栏上也显示正在上映的电影名字。它的确很实用,如果你想知道那里可以看电影,以及正在放映什么电影的话,这是一个非常不错的工具。不过,它缺少更多的信息,如电影的上映时间,电影院的具体地址。如果能补上这些信息的话就太完美了。我试着用它来查看日本东京、中国上海,以及法国巴黎的电影信息,它能具体显示出来。这是一个非常不错的在线工具,尤其是对那些热爱电影的旅行者更是不可缺失的工具。

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