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Use Loki Public VPN Service Bypass Internet Censorship

I had introduce some free VPN services before, like Always VPN, Cyberghost, Alonweb, they are still popular and biggest hits on my blog. I think that cause people want protect themselves on internet. Today, I like introduce another free VPN service to you.

Projectloki offers a free VPN service that based on SSL server. It allows you to surf on internet anonymously and hides your real IP address, you can surf websites, connect FTP servers, send emails via web mail service anonymously.

It requires a small client that connects Loki SSL server which based on US after you launched. Just download and install it step by step, it is no any problem for me. Launch this client, free users do not have to register, just use "Guest" to fill User ID and Password both bars. After you click "Connect" button, it will connect to VPN server for you. A small icon will stay on system tray, normal users do not have to setup anything. It does not limited your traffic but speed that is a little bit slow. Only surf website that should be fine, if you want download big file it has a problem.

A good point is Projectloki is free for everyone, you do not have to pay one cent for use public VPN service, if you want faster speed you have to pay.

You can download Loki VPN Client here, or from its main site.

以前,我曾经介绍过几个不同的VPN服务商,如:Always VPN, Cyberghost, Alonweb。他们非常受欢迎,是我的blog中点击率最高的文章。我想这是由于人们想保护自己的网络行为。今天,我要向各位再介绍一个免费VPN服务商。


它需要一个小的客户端来连接加密的Loki SSL服务器,这个服务器在美国境内,只要一步一步的下载、安装即可顺利进行,对我来说没有任何问题。运转这个客户端后免费用户并不需要注册,只要在用户名和密码栏中输入“Guest”即可,点击"Connect"按钮后它会开始连接服务器。一个小的图标会驻留在系统栏上,一般用户并不需要进行设置。它并不限制你的流量,但对速度有限制,所以在速度上比较慢。如果你纯粹浏览网站的话不会有太大的问题,但要下载大文件就比较困难了。



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