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Use Private Search Engine To Protect Your Privacy

I think internet users use search engines a lot everyday, if something we want to know or to find the first thing we have to do that is use Google or other search engines to search. That is why search engine so popular, and that makes Google become a super powerful IT company. But most people do not know search engine is not a safe tool while they use it, because they record your IP address, website that you visited, catch your cookies. Most search engine do that way to keep user's information. But one search engine does not do this way, it promised users stop record their IP address, that called Ixquick.

Ixquick is a meta search engine which based on Netherlands, it claims that their search results are more comprehensive and more accurate than many other search engines. It promised stop record users' IP, that protect users' privacy. Nowadays, internet privacy is more and more important. It should be a big point for people who care to their privacy.

Another good feature is it allows you search international phone number. That is good for people who do international business.




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