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Does IPREDator Service More Secure & Anonymous?

Recently, the world's largest torrent download service Pirate Bay announces an anonymous web service will launch soon, this service called IPREDator and helps global internet users download torrent files more anonymous than before.

Many countries and ISP are banned use torrent download that cause file copyrights, but some countries allow it as legal, Sweden is this kind of country. IPREDator is a new VPN service, it offers a way let users tunnel data through this service, it promised that will be more anonymous than regular VPN service.

Now, it is a beta version, you can go to IPREDator and fill your email to join it. It costs 5 Euros ($6.77) per month.

最近,世界上最大的变态下载基地Pirate Bay(海盗湾)宣布将推出一个匿名网络服务,这个服务名叫IPREDator,它帮助全球的英特网用户用更安全的匿名使用变态下载方式。



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